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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we board the AUCKLAND'S BEERCYCLE?

All Tours start and end at the Auckland Viaduct beside *O'Hagans Irish bar at 103 Customs St W* If you wish to start somewhere else we can arrange this for a fee.

Where do we board the CHRISTCHURCH'S BEERCYCLE?

All Tours start and end at *Chic Restaurant - Bar, 64 Manchester St, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand* Ask for drink deals before you star your crawl! If you wish to start somewhere else we can arrange this for a fee.

Can we drink while on board?

No, but that is more than ok. We have stops with lots of drink specials to keep you nice and refreshed.

How old do riders need to be?

18, for pub crawl tour. You must bring a valid ID to be allowed into the bars

How does the pub crawl route work?

We have drink specials set up at all the pubs and bars we stop off at. Typically groups make 3-5 stops on their tour. All the pubs have been tested thoroughly. We can go as fast or as slow as you like in and between bars.

How do we know if the BEERCYCLE is available when we want it?

Click the book now button on the tour you are interested in and select the Available Dates box. First come first served. We are very flexible, so if you do have any requests please email or ring 0220362022

How much does the BEERCYLE pub crawl cost?

For There are two pricing structures, either $35 a seat if you just want a few seats, or competitive rates to book 1 or 2 BEERCYCLES. Check the availability.

How much does the BEERCYLE cost to rent for private tours?

When its your booking we can cater anything for you. Please contact us and tell us a date, time and what you want to do and we will give you a great quote. Check the availability.

How many people can fit on the BEERCYCLE?

The BEERCYCLE can hold up to 15 people riders. There are 10 seats with pedals, 2 seats above the back wheels, and a 3 seat bench on the back row. The Staff on the BEERCYCLE are the Driver and when needed a person who stands in the middle, plays music, encourages people to cycle and ensures a great time.

Who drives this thing?

We have an employee of ours drive and steer the unit. Your group can relax and have fun.

Can we eat food on the BEERCYCLE?

Yes you can, in fact some groups even use the BEERCYCLE to do Progressive dinners. There are many great restaurants in Auckland’s Viaduct.

What’s the music situation?

We have a sound system on each bike and can play your CDs, iPhones/iPods, and other music players.

When is my booking confirmed?

Your booking is only confirmed once payment has been received.

What if it rains?

Even if it’s really pouring, the sky is falling or Trump has sent a nuke, we will ride. It’s actually really fun when it rains, groups have a blast. Plus there is a roof so you will stay pretty dry.

What is the cancellation policy?

Because we have limited spots, all bookings are non refundable. If you cancel 7 days before your tour, we will give you a free rain check to use later in the year, HOWEVER we can not guarantee a time.

Cancellations within 6 days of the tour will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and may incur a date change fee.

What are the hours of operation?

10am to 1030pm. We can start earlier upon request.

How fast does this bad boy go?

It depends on how fast you cycle! We have had some groups get us up to 12kmh! CRAZY FAST!.

Are there height requirements to ride?

To reach the pedal you need to be around 5” or taller. If you are shorter, not a big deal, take bench seat.

What is the least amount of people needed to operate this thing?

You can get it going with 2 or 3 cyclers, but it’s a workout. Ideally you want at least 6 people.

Where did this thing come from?

BEERCYCLE is an import from Europe. It’s very popular in Amsterdam and Germany. Auckland is the first NZ City to have this awesome new thing.

Is the BEERCYCLE dangerous?

As with any moving vehicle, some risk is involved. However, our drivers are very safe, and very few injuries ever have occurred in any city.

What else should I consider?

Beercycle is a great time, however if you are abusive or reckless you will be asked to leave the bike. Also if you damage any property you will be charged for it.